How We Help

Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition Overview

Our Goal: End bullying through Kindness.

The Utah Jazz Bear’s children were being bullied at school. Because the school staff had no resources to provide assistance, The Bear went to Stan Parrish, President of Sandy Area Commission and Gail Miller for help, and UABC was born. The Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition provides, a teaching kick-off assembly, anonymous text or call tip line, training for students, parents, school staff and sets up student lead Ambassador Clubs which create competitions to promote kindness in the school.


As part of our assembly, students are asked to stand for kind, and challenged to do acts of kindness daily. Post assembly, training is available to staff, students, parents and bus drivers. Student Ambassador Clubs are set up to teach and promote leadership. Kids create monthly contests with kindness challenges and goals, sharing pictures and videos of their events (acts of kindness), on . Prizes are given to students for kind deeds.

Our Accomplishments


Schools Assisted 450 plus per year
Students Taught 260,000 per year
Lives Saved 45
Bullying Reports 11832
Drug Tips 1876
Crisis 2345
Fighting Tips 181
Harassment 190
Weapons  5
Self Harm (cutting) 979
Ambassador Clubs (Leadership) 100+ per year
Staff and Bus Drivers Trained 1,687
Curriculum for Students 178,538
Stand4kind (random acts of kindness) 639,618

Currently we have  425 schools waiting……. Join with us, we need your help!

What We Have Accomplished

268,000 plus per year 450 plus per year 15,000 plus 639,618
Students empowered ABC Schools Amazing results acts of kindness